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Neon to LED Conversion

Neon to LED Conversion

Why Convert?

Neon sign technology is an antiquated system that is rapidly being replaced by new LED systems, but the question on the minds of many business owners is "why should I replace my existent neon sign with an LED one?”. 

The fact is that while neon has been the popular choice for after-dark advertising, the systems themselves are fragile, toxic, and not energy efficient. They have a shorter life span and are more expensive to operate and maintain than LED-lit systems. When in working order, a neon sign will typically require anywhere from 5,000-15,000 volts to operate and will typically last approximately 30,000 hours. Neon signs can and will fail for a number of reasons; the transformer failing due to age, shorts occuring in the wiring of the transformer, or improper voltage or amperage use. If the transformer is still good, then failure could be due to a short in the wiring of letter-to-letter/letter-to-raceway connections, or simply due to the age of the wires causing them to become brittle. Fixing the issue requires the sign tech to come out, remove the sign, take it back to the shop, diagnose it, repair it, bring it back and reinstall it. 

In comparison, LED signs are more reliable due to the updated technology and are much easier and faster to fix and diagnose. If an LED sign fails, it is due to one of two reasons; the driver (transformer) has failed, or the LED’s have failed. The repair can be diagnosed and done on site saving a considerable amount of time and money. A working LED runs off only 12 volts and will typically last 100,000+ hours cutting your operating costs down considerably. They are cooler, lighter, easier to install, more eco-friendly and more cost-effective. The bottom line here is that LED signs are a better ROI and will make for more money in your pocket.

Whether you're looking for an all new storefront look and want LEDs this time around, or you want to convert your existing sign or channel letters from neon to LED, Sign A Rama Piscataway has got you covered. We can help design your brand new sign or perform an on-site conversion of your existing sign.

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