Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products

Looking for swag to hand out at an upcoming trade show? Or perhaps you’re looking for some branded promotional products to help market and advertise your business in your local area? Congratulations, your search is over!

Here at Signarama Piscataway, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across New Jersey and New York make an impact with custom promotional products and branded merchandise.

From custom travel mugs and branded USB sticks to Frisbee’s and logoed pens and pencils, we can help you display your business logo on an extensive range of promotional products!

Check out some of our more popular branded promotional products categories below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or maybe you are looking for more unusual promotional gifts to help set yourself apart and create a buzz at your next trade show, we’d love to help!

Contact our team today and we will help you find the best promotional products that help get your business noticed.

Looking for Promotional Products in New Jersey or New York? We’ve Got This!

With the rise in digital marketing, branded promotional products have been neglected as a viable means of promoting a business. But did you know, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, on average people keep promotional products for almost nine months? With items such as customized umbrellas, mobile power banks, and calendars being used for 12+ months. Some people have even reported keeping their promotional items on their desks for over two years!

Just think how many times people interact with your promotional products during that time. It can literally add up to thousands of impressions for your business. In fact, according to the 2016 ASI study, advertising specialties remain less expensive per impression than most other forms of advertising.

Also, the study shows that 63% of people give their promotional products away when they are finished with them. That’s even more eyeballs on your business! With statistics like that, promotional products sound like a solid business investment to us, and should definitely be considered as part of your marketing mix!

Popular Promotional Products in New Jersey & New York

We can help you add your business logo or personalized branding to thousands and thousands of products. Check out some of our more popular branded merchandise product categories below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’d love to help you with your next branded giveaway!

Custom Logo Apparel to Promote your NJ or NY business

Logo Apparel

Custom logo apparel is one of the most popular promotional product categories. We can help you add your logo to a wide range of clothing products including T-shirts, hoodies, custom outerwear, performance wear, polo shirts and more. Contact us today for a quote.

Promotional Pens for Events in NJ and NY

Custom Pens

Custom logo pens are an extremely popular product category. Why? Because they are useful. In fact, the more useful the product, the longer people typically keep it. With hundreds of pen styles available to suit practically any budget, contact our team today to discuss the options.

Custom Promotional Calendars NJ and NY

Custom Calendars

Custom calendars also make a fantastic giveaway item. Imagine how many impressions a custom calendar receives placed on the wall of someone’s office! Contact our team today to discuss our custom calendar options. We look forward to hearing from you!

Promotional Drinkware New Jersey and New York

Promotional Drinkware

From personalized travel mugs and logoed water bottles to stadium cups, coffee mugs, and custom tumblers, we have a huge selection of custom promotional drinkware products to choose from. Contact us today to discuss the custom drinkware options we have available.

Custom Logo USB Drives to Promote Your NJ or NY Business

Logoed USB Drives

Everyone loves receiving a personalized USB drive at trade shows and events, making them an excellent promotional product. One thing we will say though is don’t skimp on the storage capacity. More storage space equals a more useful product so people will hold on to your USB memory stick for longer.

Custom Promotional Bags New Jersey and New York

Custom Bags

Custom logoed bags are another awesome giveaway product. From custom imprinted tote bags to high-quality duffel bags and backpacks. We have a wide selection of custom bag options for you to choose from. Want to make an impact at your next event? A custom bag will help you do just that!

Logoed Power Banks and Logoed Portable Batteries NJ & NY

Logoed Power Banks

Who wouldn’t want to receive a free promotional power bank at a trade show or event? Practically everyone owns a cell phone or tablet these days making a custom power bank a super useful item that will no doubt be used for years to come. Contact our team today to discuss our available options.

Custom Gifts and Personalized Awards NJ and NY

Gifts and Awards

Looking for gifts or awards to hand out at your next event or award ceremony? We can help! From wooden award and recognition plaques to engraved crystal awards. We offer a large selection of gifts and awards to suit practically any budget. Let’s make your next awards ceremony a night to remember!

Do Promotional Products Work? – Top 5 Reasons Why They Do!

If you’ve attended a trade show recently, you’ve probably noticed that the promotional products industry is still very much alive and well—C’mon, don’t be shy, how many promotional pens did you return home with at the last show you attended?

The fact is, promotional products are a great way to grab peoples attention and are still an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business, big or small.

Here are five reasons why you should incorporate promotional product marketing into your businesses marketing strategy…

1. Effective and Inexpensive Way of Marketing

With so many options available to suit practically any budget, promotional products are a great solution to help you spread your message to the masses in a cost-effective way.

Sure, you might not have the budget for 10,000 custom printed umbrellas like some of the larger players in your industry, but even something simple and more budget-friendly like a custom logo pen can be as equally effective, and offer a cost-effective way to break the ice and help make that first contact with potential customers at trade show and events.

2. Increased Brand Recognition of Your Business

The goal of any business is to build a loyal customer base that comes back and use your products and services time and time again. With consumers keeping promotional products for an average of nine months, they are a great solution to help increase brand recognition and perception of your business and help make your business more memorable.

3. People Love Them

Seriously, who doesn’t love a free gift? Giving away a useful or fun promotional item at your next industry trade show or event can help create a positive and lasting impression of your business.

4. Increased Customer Loyalty

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. If you sent your clients and customers a unique, personalized gift, what impact do you think that could have on the loyalty of that customer?

Providing existing customers with unique personalized products is an extremely effective way to keep them interested in and engaged with your brand.

5. Access Valuable Advertising Space

Just imagine if you could get your brand message on to the desks of your ideal customer. Well, with promotional products, you can do just that!

With the majority of people sitting at their desks for 8+ hours a day, if your prospective client is using your promotional product or branded gift at the office, you have just secured the most valuable advertising space in the world!