Pylon Signs

You might be asking yourself “what is a pylon sign?” Pylon signs—which are also referred to as pole signs or freestanding signs—are outdoor signs that are frequently mounted on one or two poles and are an extremely popular signage option for gas stations, and hotels and restaurants along major highways and interstates.

Because of their size, custom pylon signs are a great way to alert shoppers in search of your business or who are just passing by your location. If you’re looking for maximum exposure for your business, a custom pylon sign is a great choice.

From design to fabrication and installation, we can produce a custom pylon sign to your exact specifications and needs. We can also assist you with any permitting and surveying requirements.

From a simple lightbox pylon sign to a more complex multi-unit pylon sign incorporating LED panels, there’s no job that we can’t handle!

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Custom Pylon Signs: What's the Best Option for You?

Here at Signarama Piscataway we have the capability to manufacturer a pylon sign to your exact specifications. Below you will find some of the more popular options we produce for our clients.

Single Pole Mount Pylon Signs

Single pole mount pylon signs are probably the most common pole sign option. This classic single-pole design offers a simple and economical solution for elevating the identity of your business over any obstructions to provide maximum exposure for your business.

They typically stand as tall as eighty feet, though some stretch up to one-hundred feet making them ideal for high-rise applications for long-distance visibility.

Single Pole Mount Pylon Sign
Double Pole Pylon Signs

Twin Pole Mount Pylon Signs

The main benefit of double-pole pylon signs over their signal pole counterparts is that they provide greater rigidity which offers additional stability for larger sign applications.

Also, sometimes people just prefer the aesthetics of a two pole pylon sign over the single pole option. Sometimes, two isn’t always better than one!

Covered Pole Pylon Signs

If you’re not a fan of the visual appeal of an exposed aluminum pole, we can cover the structural supports of your pylon signs in a variety of creative ways. Signarama Piscataway can fabricate a custom, personalized cover that’ll match your business’s aesthetic.

Covered Pole Pylon Sign
Custom Lightbox Pole Signs

Custom Lightbox Pole Signs

Commonly used by shopping centers and malls, these pole signs feature multiple lightboxes to display the names and logos of tenant businesses.

Are You Ready to Tower Above Your Competition With a Custom Pole Sign?

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