Sign Maintenance and Repair Services in NJ & NY

Sign repair and maintenance might not be the most glamorous part of the signage industry, but at Signarama Piscataway we take pride in caring for your signage and ensuring your business signs remain in tip-top condition and looking fresh for years to come!

Whether you’re located in New Jersey or New York, our signage maintenance team have the tools and equipment needed to maintain and service any style of sign and can handle all our your sign maintenance and sign repair needs.

Maximize the Life of Your Signage With Our Sign Maintenance Services!

Our sign repair and maintenance solutions include: electrical wiring inspection, sign face replacements, LED lighting retrofitting, sign cleaning and more.

And it doesn’t matter where you purchased your signs, or what company designed them if you’re looking for a sign repair company in New Jersey or New York, because your business signage is starting to look a little tired, or isn’t performing as it should contact us today for a free no obligation sign maintenance quote!

Business Sign Maintenance NJ

Business Sign Maintenance

Business signs are a significant investment for any business so it’s important to keep your signs maintained and in top condition. Contact us today for a quote.

Commercial Sign Repair New Jersey

Commercial Sign Repair

Our services include the maintenance & repair of commercial signs and signage. We offer fast sign repair service throughout New Jersey and New York. Contact our team today for a commercial sign maintenance quote.

Outdoor Sign Repair and Maintenance

Outdoor Sign Repair

Whether your sign is located at ground level or installed on a high-rise building, our sign maintenance and repair team have the tools and equipment to handle all of your outdoor sign repair needs. Request a quote today!

Electric Sign Repair New Jersey and New York

Electrical Sign Repair

We offer electric sign repair service throughout New Jersey and New York. Our expert sign technicians are friendly, fast and efficient. Whether you need a neon sign repair or bulb and ballast replacement, we can help!

Digital Sign Repair

Digital Sign Repair

Whether you purchased your digital sign from us or not, our sign repair team can handle any of your digital signage and electronic message ecnter repair needs. Contact us today for more information.

Sign Cleaning New Jersey

Outdoor Sign Cleaning

Being exposed to the elements day-in-day-out can really take its toll on your outdoor signage. But worry not! Keep your outdoor signs looking fresh with periodical sign cleaning. Contact our team today for more information.

Neon to LED Illuminated Sign Conversions

Neon Sign Conversions

Converting your neon illuminated sign to LED lighting will not only save you money on electricity costs, but it will also reduce ongoing maintenance, that sounds like a win-win in our books! Contact us today for a quote.

Sign Face Replacement

Sign Face Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, and that rings true for your business signage too. Oftentimes if the cabinet and shell of the sign are in good condition, a sign face replacement might be all you need to breath new life into your sign!