How to Create a More Visually Engaging Retail Space

How to Create a More Visually Engaging Retail Space

Consider all the imagery and visuals that your customers observe and react to throughout their day. It begins in the morning when they pick up their phone and it continues as they interact with society, go to work, pick up lunch, and generally go about their day.

How can your business utilize its retail space more effectively to create a more visually engaging space?

Your retail space presents an opportunity to:

  • Tell your company’s story
  • Advertise your services
  • Market product lines
  • Share company accomplishments
  • Convey your brand’s Mission Statement
  • Add interior design accents

Consider these ideas for creating a space that customers want to be in.

Set up your retail space based on how shoppers move through it

Shoppers follow an instinctual path when walking through a retail space. As soon as customers walk in, they must adapt and decipher the space.

Shoppers need to have a space that flows, where they can move freely and easily. It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate through your retail space. Keep in mind, too, that you want to establish a flow that encourages customers to stop and shop.

Your retail displays should function along with the traffic flow of your space.

Make use of areas that are often overlooked throughout your retail space for branding

Walk through every area of your retail space and look for any areas that are not currently being used for branding and make the most of every surface – floor to ceiling.

Floors are prime space in retail locations and floor graphics can be used to direct customers to fitting rooms, customer service, or other areas of the store that feature seasonal or sale items.
Look up and take advantage of your high ceilings with custom hanging banners to call out new services or seasonal sales.

Fitting rooms and bathrooms in most retail spaces are left untouched. Add wall graphics that extend your brand’s image and signage on stalls encouraging customers to apply for jobs with your business or drawing attention to your website.

Choose fixtures that reflect your brand and image

Your retail space must reflect your branding and the image that you want to project throughout the customer’s experience. Shoppers do prefer coordinated design including the fixtures that are used in a retail space.

Every detail matters including the shelving, lighting, flooring, and other design elements.

Display Signage

There’s little doubt that signage can determine the success of a shopper’s experience.

The most effective signs advertise, inform, and identify pertinent information that can be used throughout the shopper’s experience.

Customers want to be informed, directed and assured. They want to know where they are going and they connect with visuals such as logos and maps.

Indoor and outdoor signs are another opportunity for you to display your branding – and make it stick. Outdoor signage can be used to promote your logo while indoor signage can promote your sales and seasonal information.

Design and display wall graphics and murals to complement your brand

You can provide a better shopping experience within your space simply by utilizing graphics and murals that catch – and keep – attention. Murals and wall graphics can take on any form and can be customized according to your budget and style.

These can be an inexpensive way to express the best parts of your business.

Digital signs and menu boards are very effective at communicating information

Digital signs help you present messages to the right audience at the right time. Digital signs can include anything from displays on LCD screens mounted on walls to standalone directories in parking lots or lobbies.

Digital signs can be ever-changing and it is incredibly easy and hassle-free to update the information. These types of signs are often used by banks, restaurants, car dealerships, schools, hospitals, retail businesses, gas stations, and more.

The goal is to develop a shopping experience where customers are comfortable and engaged. Signarama Piscataway’s resident sign experts will help you create an ideal retail environment for your shoppers by exploring current trends in signage and presenting fresh ideas for your consideration.

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