Signage Site Surveys & Permitting Services

Signarama Piscataway NJ offers a complete sign consultancy and site survey service to ensure your signage is in compliance with all local laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances.

Our experienced signage consultants carry out detailed site surveys and obtain a full customer brief to ensure we can provide you with an accurate quotation without hidden surprises. A Site survey will also ensure the sign project runs as smoothly as possible with minimum disruption to our clients.

Once your sign site survey is complete we will supply you with a detailed plan showing sign specifications and sign locations and our specialists will obtain any necessary permits prior to any work being carried out.

If you have a large scale corporate signage project, we can also work closely with your architects to develop and integrate high-quality signage into your architectural project to ensure your signs are aesthetically correct and are produced in line with the architect’s overall vision for the project.

We also have a licensed engineer on retainer to handle permit drawings and offer expert testimony for zoning variance applications if required.

A Site Survey is Critical to The Success of Your Signage Project

At Signarama Piscataway, ensuring your signage projects goes as smooth as possible is our top priority. Before we begin fabricating your signage, we begin with research.

A comprehensive sign site survey and signage consultation will enable us to fully understand your project requirements so we are able to produce high-quality signage that meets your goals. And by identifying potential challenges early in the process, such as zoning or permitting requirements, we can ensure your projects proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Some of the things covered in a sign site survey include…

  • Sign Strategy: What are you hoping to accomplish with your business and corporate signage?
  • Sign Dimensions: We will take detailed measurements to ensure your signage fits it’s intended location.
  • Detailed Site Photos: This will enable us to ensure your signage fits in with its surroundings and can also be used for photo-realistic sign mockups, so you can get a feel for how the sign will look before it’s manufactured.
  • Sign Mockups: Before we begin fabricating your signage we will provide you with detailed mockups and proofs for approval.
  • Mounting and Installation Consideration: If your sign is being illuminated, for example, we will need to make sure all necessary electrical hookups are available prior to installation.
  • Zoning Requirements: We will help you navigate any zoning requirements in your local area to ensure your signage projects runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Sign Permit Requirements: We will work closely with your local planning office to ensure all sign permits are in place.
  • Specialized Equipment Consideration: For example, if your sign is located high above the ground, or in an awkward location, we will need to make sure we have the necessary equipment available to ensure a trouble-free installation.

For more information regarding our sign surveying and permitting services, please contact us to book a complimentary site survey or stop by our sign showroom today. We look forward to working with you.