Upload Your Project Files

Please email all project/artwork files to sarpisc@optonline.net

For files that are too large to send via email (typically ~25MB). Please use a file transfer service such as pCloud Transfer > https://transfer.pcloud.com/ (see screenshot below)

When emailing or sending artwork files please include any reference/job numbers etc. in the message box, to help us match the artwork to your order.

pCloud File Transfer Screenshot

Artwork Guidelines

The best-printed product begins with a high-resolution design file. Based on our years of printing knowledge, we recommend using vector-based graphics (.eps, .ai, .svg file extensions) to ensure a high-quality print.

If you are unable to access a vector graphics program to create your artwork, we can also print using raster graphics (files created using Photoshop etc.). If using raster images, please ensure that the file is saved at the highest resolution possible (250+ DPI), and has been designed at the correct size for the finished product.

Confused about all these fancy terms? This handy dandy blog post should help clear things up! Vector vs Raster – What’s The Difference?

If you are unsure about your artwork, please contact us and we will guide you through the process. As always, our graphics department quality check all client artwork prior to printing to ensure your end product exceeds your expectations.

Preferred file types are listed below:

Preferred Design File Types